You know that you live in Valencia …when

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You know that you live in Valencia …when

You know that you live in Valencia …
– when you go back to your native country and you see a mixed paella of meat and seafood, you feel indignant, crie out that its a gastronomic scandal and threat to file a complaint!

– If you have passed the test of the famous NIE, that is to say, if you took less than a week to understand exactly how it works and less than 2 months to get it.

– If when you look at Facebook photos of your friends during the first snowflakes, you think they are photoshops because you’re still in shorts and t-shirts.

– If you have lived and survived at least 3 Mascletas: the first through curiosity, the second to try to understand the famous melody of which the experts talk about and the third to definitely come to the conclusion that “it takes all kinds to make a world”!
– If during a stay in your country, you discreetly go and get a check up for your ears because since the Fallas, you’re not sure to have kept your hearing intact …

– If you regularly shout out “Amúnt” when you go to Mestalla and your favorite emblem is a big bat that no longer scares anyone … that Barça and Real Madrid are your worst enemies and you know that once again this year a referee will award them with a goal that they did not even deserve.

– If you are the only one in your family to know what Horchata is and that you show off by explaining cleverly that it “is a vegetable milk extracted from a tuber called chufa that has been growing since the XII century near Valencia and whose medicinal properties are no longer to be demonstrated ”

– If more than once, Google Maps has left you in the lerk or sent you miles out, because between the streets written in Spanish, the same streets written in Valenciano and others that have changed names, even Google gets lost … so you too!

– If you almost never use weather forecast sites or apps … you know that in Valencia it’s always sunny… you gently sympathize with your friends up north who are grumbling because of the bad weather … besides, you don’t even own an umbrella!

– If when you go back to your country and you are surprised to see that nobody parks in double or triple lanes , and if you search in vain for a “gorilla” to indicate a free place

– When one half of your friends are called Pepe, Vicente and Francisco and the other half are called Amparo, Maria and Ana

– If in the winter you leave at 8am with a jacket and by noon your blaming your self for dying of heat but then at 8pm, you think that finally it was not such a bad idea…

– When your 15-year-old daughter trys to explains to you every Saturday that nightclubs only open at 2am, exactly the time you want her to be back …

– If you start a sentence in English and after 3 Tyris and two glasses of Agua de Valencia, you let out an expressive “Che” that surprises all your friends

– If you don’t drink anymore warm beers, wine or Gin and tonics but Cava, sangria and Horchata …

– If your friends confuse Cava with Champagne and you do not dare take part in the debate anymore … diplomacy is your thing!

– You know that you live in Valencia when you shop in Mercadona, jog in the “rio” or the Marina and ask who the local Saint is: Juan Roig or San Vicente ?!

– If your friends speak Valenciano, but you only understand one word out of seven while they assure you that if “you understand and speak a bit of Spanish you must obviously understand them because it’s not that different!” You do not tell them, that if you become president of the Generalitat, you intend to definitively ban the use of Valenciano!

– You know that you live in Valencia If you find it´s cold as soon as the thermometer goes below 10 ° C.

– If when driving you do not really know what the concept of “priority to the right (or left)” means any more… Anyway, it’s an imported idea, they’ve never known about it!

– If in despite of your roots, in the summer you put ice in your glass of wine …and sometimes even lemonade … and what’s more, you find it normal!

– You know that you live in Valencia because sometimes in the summer you scream and jump out of your skin, horrified by the size of the cockroaches that come out of the drains to take a bit of air … after all, cockroaches also have the right to bathe in the sun no ?

You have been living in Valencia for a long time, if you have smiled or laughed at all these “clichés” … But if some elements have escaped your understanding, then you have not lived here quite long enough yet! Just a bit more patience !

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