El Cabanyal: autopsy of an atypical district

 It is the story of an unusual district, the one located near the port and the beach of Valencia: the famous Cabanyal, once a simple fishing village, an ignored maritime zone, despised by a majority but which today takes its revenge with a charismatic, cosmopolitan and unusual aspect. A neighborhood without history? It should also be said that The Cabanyal has always had a sulphurous reputation... open-air drug supermarkets of all kinds, squatted more than inhabited, the population that [...]

Towards stricter laws concerning tourist rentals in Valencia

 Next week, on 23 and 24 May, the regional elected representatives (the Corts) will debate the new regulations concerning the rental of real estate to tourists.If the various legislative proposals are adopted, a few important changes could make it difficult for a very large number of landlords to obtain rental permits and thus outlaw them.To start, in addition to the registration to the tourist services of the Generalitat Valenciana already mandatory, the owners will also have to request a [...]

Expat and Valencia : a truth love story…

In recent years many have chosen to live in Valencia, under the Spanish sun. Valencia has witnessed a massive surge of expats: French, Italian, British and North Americans. In the last 15 years, the 3rd largest city of Spain, with regards to population, has transformed itself into a very pleasant place to live…Is Valencia better than Madrid or Barcelona? Definitely, without a doubt! In the past, Barcelona was more desirable but recently, it is being passed over because it [...]

Interview of Valencia Expat Services at Levante TV

"Valencia-Expat-Services" was invited to the TV show "EL CLUB" by Ana Garcia-Rivero. The journalist received the creator of the "Valencia-Expat-Services" relocation agency, Laurence Lemoine, to talk about her agency and how they help "expats" (French, Americans, Italians) when they decide to settle down in Valencia.The relocation agency was created 1 year ago and takes care of the necessary administrative formalities when a family or a person decides to live here or to create a company. These people sometimes do [...]

Forget the orange, buy the tree: Valencia project revolutionizes traditional farming

(El Pais ) The local residents of Bétera, a village in Valencia with no tourist attractions to speak of, are perplexed by the sudden influx of visitors, mostly from central Europe, who arrive in town each day. They come from Austria, Switzerland, France and most particularly Germany, and they come with one goal in mind: to visit the orange grove of Naranjas del Carmen and see the tree that was planted just for them. Naranjas del Carmen was initially founded [...]

Discovering la Albufera…

Lying to the south of the city of Valencia, the Albufera freshwater lagoon is one of the most important nature areas in the Land of Valencia. A slim strip of coastline protects it from the sea, and on this strip of land, sand dunes have formed, plus a curious Mediterranean pine forest growing in sandy soil with rich shrubbery. This area is called the Devesa del Saler, a word derived from a kind of pastureland. Three canals (two natural [...]

Spain closes in on 80 million foreign tourists in record-breaking 2017 (EL PAIS)

  Spain welcomed 4.4 million foreign tourists in November, 7.4% up on last year. Though December figures are not yet available, the 2016 record of 75.3 million was already broken by mid-November. By the end of November, a total of 77.8 million foreign tourists had arrived, 9.1% more than in the first eleven months of 2016, according to figures from the Spanish statistics office (INE).If December figures match the 3.99 million foreign tourists welcomed in the last month of 2016, [...]

Spain’ s shining star (Daily Mail )

Valencia rivals Barcelona for beaches, art . . . and even paellaDailyMail8 Nov 2017 by Michael HodgesTHe Mediterranean city of Valencia has an astounding cathedral, brilliant beaches, renaissance churches, some of the most striking modern architecture in europe, fabulous sea food and gutsy red wine.And at this time of year temperatures are still in the upper teens.the locals are intensely proud of their city, culture and language, a form of Catalan called Valencian. they might not shout about it [...]

Valencia feels the benefits of Barcelona’ s uncertainty (Financial Times. 06/10/2017)

Talk of its city beaches, Modernista architecture and fatigue-inducing nightlife, and you might be describing Barcelona. But Valencia, 300km down the Spanish coast, is like a compact version of the Catalan capital — without the pressures of separatism. With the face-off between the national and regional governments causing uncertainty in Catalonia, Valencia is providing an appealing alternative for would-be property buyers, according to several agents. Foreigners are increasingly valuing the quality of life Valencia offers, says Francisco Ballester of [...]

Street art in Valencia : Is it art ?? Good question ! (Huffingtonpost)

I recently discovered street art. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been looking at it for years but I never saw it or recognized it for what it really is. In my experience it is exciting original art worthy of the type of attention we give to other works in galleries and museums. And on occasion, it demands even greater attention through images that shock, delight, question or exalt. It’s been around only a brief period of time, [...]