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Laurence Lemoine

French, journalist...

Laurence is a french journalist, married to a Valencian entrepreneur. She has been an expat in many countries (Lebanon, Haiti, UK, Gambia, Portugal and of course Spain, (almost 20 years abroad). Polygot, curious, passionate, this mother of 2 charming teenagers decided to help professionally future expats to settle in Valencia.

Author of 5 touristic guides, she’s known in Valencia for her news articles, her television and radio shows . She’s been solicited over many years to help foreign newcomers in Valencia. This is why, she finally decided to set up « Valencia Expat Service ». Her knowledge of the town, its inhabitants, the Valencian culture, her exhaustive address book (personal and professional contacts) and her natural predisposition to help others, make her the ideal person to welcome you in Valencia and make sure your stay will be fantastic.

Laurence is an active member in Valencia and is well known for her hosting expat dinner groups and other events, as well as her news articles, touristic books and appearances on television and radio shows. Since setting up her business, « Valencia Expat Services » in 2017, she and her dedicated team have helped hundreds of foreigners navigate the challenges of moving to Valencia. Her love and knowledge of the inhabitants, culture, and beauty of Valencia makes her an ideal person to introduce you to this province. In addition, her extensive resources, including personal and professional contacts, and ability to move through the Spanish bureaucratic systems, makes her an ideal person to ensure that your move to Valencia is as effortless as possible.

If you are planning on moving to Valencia and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the necessary requirements, look no further! Laurence and her vast network of professionals, including notaries, real estate agents, lawyers, tax specialists, brokers, accountants, and sworn interpreters are ready to help you make your move to Valencia.

If Valencia is not your final destination, Laurence has relocation consultants in Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, Javea or Malaga.

Please contact her so she can put you in touch with her professional and creative staff in these locations.