Interested by a franchise ?

And if opening a franchise allowed you to carry out your expatriation project?


Finding a job is not always easy: franchising is an answer by offering a wide variety of activities and sectors.


This is the opportunity to reinvent yourself and, finally, to do what you have always dreamed of doing.


80% of franchisees embark on the adventure without having a first experience in the sector to which they are destined, such as catering, service or retail. Franchising is a system of mutual benefit: it allows everyone to find their way with the support and follow-up of a franchisor who has an original concept and tools to promote rapid expansion.


With regard to expatriation, opening a franchise can be done in several ways according to your experiences and aspirations. But, in general, you  find a concept that has already been tested on the market of the targeted country. In the case of expatriation, this choice is even more decisive since the future franchisee does not necessarily have a good understanding of the country’s social and cultural codes. The monitoring and accompaniment in the assembly of the project are “facilitating” elements to achieve its implementation in good conditions and avoid the traditional pitfalls inherent in the creation of a company.


Expatriation candidates, whatever the chosen sector of activity, undertaking it with the support of a franchisor is the best promise of achievement and success for your project … We can  introduce you to a Spanish-French specialist, partner of Valencia -Expat-services, who has been offering his experience in this field for the last 10 years throughout the whole of Spain.