Your iris in a photo: it’s possible in Valencia!

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Your iris in a photo: it’s possible in Valencia!

Your iris (yes, that pigmented disc that gives your pretty eyes their colour!) is potentially a work of art that can decorate your home in an original way… Because for some time now, the concept of turning our eyes into artistic masterpieces is very popular and quite trendy! YOU & EYE are well aware of this, and have decided to set up in Spain, starting in Valencia.

First set up in Paris 2 years ago by Elie SZCZUPAK, a French multi-entrepreneur, YOU & EYE was born from this simple idea (offering a photo of your iris) with the ambition of being a unique and innovative player in this promising market. To achieve this, he developed a process ‘in-house’, which allows a unique and spectacular rendering in high definition.

It was Eric and Aurélie Verdevoye who decided to open up the Spanish market by setting up in Valencia. After more than 15 years in the press industry and in commerce, they chose to change their lives by moving to Valencia, taking with them the internationalisation of YOU & EYE. Eric and Aurélie represent the spanish franchising network and aim to open 70 to 80 points of sale.

The Valencia shop will be the company’s flagship boutique, and it has already announced the opening of franchises in Seville and Malaga. It’s also worth noting that one of their special features is that, on request, they can be present at events, offering to set up an temporary studio for corporate events, trade fairs, weddings etc…

Far from iridology, an alternative medical technique that consists of diagnosing our state of health through a photograph of the iris, here the shooting has a purely decorative and artistic vocation, since the photos of your irises are processed and sublimated in high definition, with or without effects according to your taste. Small formats are printed on site, while larger formats and exceptional prints are produced by one of Europe’s leading fine art photo printers and delivered direct to your door in 5 to 8 days. The creations are also available as digital files, in low or high resolution.

The process is simple: the client stands in front of the lens and remains motionless with their eyelid open for the duration of the shot. The photo is of course completely painless and without any danger. The iris is  then isolated, and the photo is processed and edited, for a starting price at 29 euros (digital file) or 39 euros for a basic print. For more elaborate prints on aluminium or acrylic, you can expect to pay around €150 to €200 and up to €1,000 for large, ultra-professional prints. 

The employees have, of course, undergone special training to master the equipment, which is modelled on that used by opticians and photographers. More complex than you might think, and therefore unique, the iris is an aesthetic jewel that can also be used as a photographic product on a variety of different platforms. It’s an opportunity to discover an aspect of yourself that you’ve never seen before, and to magnify it into a work of art. 

Alone, as a couple, or as a family (from age 2/3 upwards), the possibilities are endless for creating original and spectacular designs.

The Valencia boutique is located at 22 Passage de Ruzafa. It is open every day of the week from 10am to 9pm.
Telephone: +34 961 77 71 94 | 

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