The safest places to live in 2021

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The safest places to live in 2021

The debate has been in the spotlight for a long time: how to assess the quality of life in a city? This is the dilemma that the Ranking is trying to solve: classifying the healthiest cities of the world with an index based on six clear magnitudes:

  1. Obesity levels
  2. Lifespan
  3. The cost of health care
  4. Pollution levels
  5. Public security
  6. Hours of sun

The combination of these criteria has given a clear result: Spain is the winner. Thanks to a free access of health care, the cost of living which is good, an elevated lifespan and of course, the number of hours of sun.


Here are the top rankings:

#1: Valencia 

Valencia is number one just before Madrid (2nd position) and Barcelona (34th position) by correcting the pollution and public insecurity to position itself as the safest city to live in 2021. Its report is remarkable, brilliant in every aspect, thanks to its hours of sun (2696 a year) and the health care with a score of 81,7% out of 100. The pollution in Valencia is controlled, and its good security is also decisive.  


#2: Madrid

The Spanish capital in second position appreciated for its quality of life. The hours of sun and social security. But Madrid has to improve itself by correcting the problem of pollution and also reducing crime rates. These two key elements are the reasons why Madrid lost the first position.


#3: Lisbon

The third Iberian city, Lisbon, loved for its hours of sun and for its low pollution rate. Its 3rd position is due to its health deficits and lower lifespan by 81, 3%. 


#4: Vienna (Austria)

Even if Vienna is a cold city due to the lack of sun (1184 a year), it is a model country for its low level of obesity (the lowest in Europe) and the absence of pollution. However the access to healthy alimentation is still more expensive than other countries of the south of Europe. 


#5: Canberra (Australia)

The Australian capital has in general, a good rating and in addition to this, the city benefits from a low pollution rate and high lifespan. On the other hand, the high levels of obesity and the high price of healthy foods puts in jeopardy its position in the ranking.


#6: Tel-Aviv- Yafo

This city is not only modern but also philosophic, it has one of the most preserved Mediterranean ports. The good nutrition of the population and the accessibility of the city marks the quotidian life of Tel-Aviv and where the hours of sun are elevated (3311 a year).


#7:  Tokyo

The Japanese capital claims that the rate of obesity in its country is lower than all the countries evaluated in this report. A real fact, thanks to the healthy food. Japan has a higher lifespan rate. However, the negative aspect of Tokyo is that it has the highest rate of pollution in this ranking.


#8: The Hague (Netherlands)

The seat of the Dutch parliament is a calm and pleasant city, with an elevated quality of life.

According to this report, the obesity is quasi absent in the country, but its main disadvantage is the lack of hours of sun (1662 a year).


#9: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Slovenia’s capital, prides itself on being one of the greenest cities in Europe (it was the greenest capital in 2016). Generally Ljubljana scores highly in all magnitudes assessed, highlighting how cheap and accessible the healthiest foods are.


#10:  Zurich

The Swiss metropolis occupies the tenth place thanks to its low rate of obesity and pollution. The lack of hours of sun (1566 a year) and high cost of living penalizes the city but it is the city that has the best public transportations in the world.


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