The struggle of foreigners in Spain battling with the administration

Before the coronavirus crisis, the departments managing the different administrative procedures for foreign citizens were already overwhelmed, but the post-Covid era makes things longer and more complicated. In Spain, the expats and immigrants who have to be in contact with the administrations are battling permanently: whether it is for an "empadronamiento" at the town hall, a NIE, a residence certificate, a TIE (tarjeta de identidad de un extranjero), a social security number, a digital certificate or a resolution which gives [...]

Spain to get €140 billion from historic EU coronavirus recovery fund

The country becomes the second biggest recipient of aid after Italy, and €72.2 billion will take the form of grants that do not have to be repaidSpain will receive close to €140 billion over the next six years from a €750 billion coronavirus recovery fund that the 27 members of the European Union agreed on in the early hours of Tuesday following a marathon summit in Brussels.The EU fund involves €390 billion in grants and €360 billion in low-interest [...]

Spain is unfairly blamed by UK

Lately, the Covid crisis is amplifying the tensions between bordering countries, the current situation between Spain and UK on one hand and the “so said” eventual closing of the border between Spain and France on the other hand. This could give rise to smiles if hundreds of thousands of lives weren’t at stake.Before “advising not to travel to Catalonia” as the French prime minister did a few days ago, or imposing 14 days quarantine as United Kingdom has, it [...]

The map of Spain’s coronavirus outbreaks: 40% are linked to family gatherings

Since the beginning of the deescalation process, at least 105 infection clusters have been detected in the country, according to data collated by EL PAÍS.New coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in almost every region in Spain, with large spikes in infections in the provinces of Huesca (369 cases), Lleida (around 800 cases in several areas), Lugo (165) and Málaga (109). All of Spain’s 17 regions – except for Asturias– have recorded new coronavirus hotspots over the last few weeks. [...]

The question is, What will change for the British next Monday and January 1st, 2021??

We already know a few things about the new rules that the British citizens will have to follow, from 6th of July to 31st of December 2020, date that the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union. The Withdrawal Agreement on the transitional period says that the British, already resident in Spain and planning to stay, will have the same rights as they do now. The only thing is that they will have to exchange their [...]

A few things to know before going to Spain

After 3 months of shutdown, this Sunday 21st of June, the controls at the borders between Spain and France will come to an end: this date will then allow the tourists and owners of second homes to move freely between the two countries.The same goes for the entire Spanish population, who will not only be able to move from one province to another, but also from one community to another without specific authorisation.This date also marks the end of [...]

What if Spain attracted foreign remote workers?

Recently, Argentine businessman Martin Varsavsky, who has made a fortune in Spain, (Jazztel,, Fon) tweeted about the opportunities that Spain could and should take advantage of to limit the effects of the economic crisis linked to the Coronavirus. On his Twitter account, he described his vision of the economy, with "more tourism, but above all, permanent tourism".It is true, that this health crisis has revealed that remote working has normalised to the point that many companies like Twitter or [...]

Automatic extension of residence permits and visas

The Secretary of State for Migration has automatically extended the residence and work permits of foreign nationals for a further six months from the end of the state of alarm as published the day before yesterday in the Spanish Official State Gazette (BOE). According to the Ministerial Order, the said authorisations will be extended without the need to issue an individual resolution via the offices of Extranjeria.The aim of this measure is to prevent foreign citizens from finding themselves [...]

Mandatory quarantine of 14 days for those arriving in Spain

The measure has just been published in the Official Journal of the Spanish State (BOE) and will be made effective this Friday, May 15. It will affect all those who come from another country, it will be mandatory, will last 14 days and will continue until the end of the alarm state which is currently approved until May 24th, but that the government wishes to extend by 15 days. As a preventive measure against coronavirus, people arriving to Spain [...]