Author - Laurence Lemoine

Entrée en vigueur de la nouvelle loi sur les prêts hypothécaires

Sans effet rétroactif, la nouvelle loi est entrée en vigueur cette semaine et offre plus de transparence et de protection à l’emprunteur.Pour l’Espagne, il s’agit avant tout de respecter une norme européenne qui date de 2014 et qui vise à améliorer l’accès aux hypothèques avec un cadre juridique plus clair et strict. La nouvelle réglementation parue au Bulletin Officiel limite les frais liés à la souscription d’un prêt avec hypothèque pour une personne physique. Ainsi, certains frais, auparavant à la charge des emprunteurs [...]

Our next Expat diner !

Hello todos ! El próximo planazo sera el martes que viene ( dia 16 de julio) ! Nuestra ultima cena antes de septiembre ! LA HAREMOS EN UN BARCO ! Nos vemos en la Marina al restaurante Sunset Azul A LAS 19h45. Nos iremos a navegar y ver la puesta de sol... comeremos, beberemos y lo pasaremos super bien ! Antes de las 22h estaremos de vuelta en la Marina ( en el restaurante Sunset Azul también).... os apuntais todos verdad [...]

What if the flat sharing boosted your real estate investment?

      Increasing the profitability of a property sometimes involves flat sharing, a new trend popular in Spain for both tenants and homeowners.   In some cases (especially in the center of the large cities in Spain and Europe, in general), renting a room in an apartment is a solution to the problem of excessively  high rents: this is true for a good number of young people who are just starting in the working life and for an owner, this possibility has many [...]

Kooza … the “Cirque du Soleil” show is in Valencia

  Have you ever been to a show that leaves you breathless and staring with your mouth wide open, for nearly 2 hours? If so, it's because you have already been to see the “Cirque du Soleil's” latest show, Kooza, which unites the most outstanding acrobatic artists ... The performances are spectacular, breathtaking and leave you speechless... Dexterity, precision, balance, strength, flexibility and inventiveness seem limitless when we see these artists pushing the boundaries of the impossible, defying, among other [...]

years ago, when Valencia decided to create a beautiful garden instead of a motorway…

Once upon a time there was a horrible motorway project that could have existed in Valencia, but thanks to good fairies, the projet  was finally abandoned. Instead, was born an iconic park, the famous "Jardine del Turia", this beautiful "green flow" that has become the lungs of the third largest city in Spain and that everyone envies.The tale of the  “Jardin del Turia” is a tale that starts badly, but ends well!It began with a river that regularly overflowed [...]

Guiri : the story of a special word

(EL PAIS) Today the word guiri is commonly used in Spain to describe a foreign tourist who struggles to understand the local culture. But the word has many meanings. This particular definition of guiri came about thanks to a man named Gary Bedell. Bedell was born in Canada in 1954 and learned Spanish at a young age. He joined Canada’s diplomatic service in 1988, and in 1992, he oversaw the Canadian pavilion at the Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo '92) [...]