Author - Laurence Lemoine

Interview of our CEO about living in valencia (MumAbraod)

We talk to Laurence Lemoine, founder of  Valencia Expat Services, about living in Valencia. Spain’s third largest city is perfect for international families. Laurence shares her knowledge of the city, its inhabitants and the Valencian culture while taking care of the bureaucratic side of relocation from family admin to setting up a business. Valencia has officially been named the top place to live as a foreign citizen, what do you think makes the city so special, especially for the international community? Well…I’m not [...]

Valencia es un pañuelo

 Hasta hace poco, pensaba que esa expresión era exclusiva y típicamente de aquí y que sólo se usaba en la Capital del Turia. Y de repente me entero de que no, que la verdadera expresión es "el mundo es un pañuelo' y que la han "tuneado" aquí para resumir algo simple: Valencia es una ciudad pequeña. Por eso, todo el mundo se conoce (de cerca o de lejos) y, en cualquier momento y sitio, te puedes encontrar con un [...]

Spain closed to domestic tourism and opens to Europeans.

The paradox of health measures: it is complicated to go from Valencia to Madrid or Barcelona, but very easy to go from Paris, London or Berlin to Sevilla, Valencia or Alicante. The tourist sector is undoubtedly the one that has suffered the most from the pandemic, with a large number of restrictive measures still in force. The prospect of the Easter holidays is stirring people’s minds, but the Spanish regions are maintaining a firm and concerted position, and it will not be possible to leave one’s region to take a holiday in another comunidad. On the other hand, the intra-European borders remain open: it is therefore possible to leave or enter Spain with a negative PCR test and the famous QR code filled in. There are several reasons for this contradiction, linked to the power struggle between the government and the 17 autonomous regions: in [...]

Property Market : Prices in Spain are expected to drop, but not in all cases.

]Will house prices drop in Spain in 2021? Is 2021 a good time to invest in property in Spain? These are just some of the questions on the minds of those planning to move to Spain in 2021, but who may have put plans on hold due to uncertainties such as Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. With some experts stating that price drops are on the cards in the Spanish real estate market and that now is a good [...]

Vaccine: What is going to happen to the foreigners in Spain?

The French people living abroad are numerous to ask if they have the right to the covid vaccine where they live: the vaccine against Covid-19 concerns almost one and a half million French people living in foreign countries (those under 18 years old are not concerned because they are not a priority), 70% of these French people are living in countries where the vaccination is possible and “internationally recognized”  like: Pfeizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines to the contrary of [...]

Pepco, le “Primark” polonais s’implante en Espagne et choisit Valencia comme siège

La chaîne polonaise de magasins « low-cost » de vêtements et d’articles de maison, s’installe en Espagne avec l’objectif d’ouvrir 400 magasins dans les 5 prochaines années.L’arrivée imminente du géant Polonais est annoncée sur son site web, sous le titre de « Próxima apertura primavera de 2021 ». Pour commencer son expansion en Espagne, Pepco a choisi la région de Valencia, et les premiers magasins ouvriront au printemps prochain à Alicante, Castellón, et Elche: l’entreprise y recrute des caissiers et des managers de magasins.Valencia sera le siège de Pepco [...]

Teruel Airport, parking and plane cemetery in full growth thanks to the covid.

Nobody knows, but the small city of Teruel (situated 311 kms from Madrid and 144 kms north-west of Valencia) has an airport which is not welcomed passengers for at least 30 years: This is what we call an airplane graveyard. The irruption of covid pandemic, and the fall of the air traffic requires the airline companies to “put away” numerous planes until they return to service: since 1995, the amount of flights in the world has never been as low and the number of planes nailed on the ground, as high as now.From parking to graveyards These airports are named «graveyards» because [...]

Everything you want to know about the Garden El Túria of Valencia

Valencia Town Hall publishes a digital guide - in English, Spanish and Valencian - about the “Jardín del Túria”, the famous park that runs more or less 8 kilometres through the city of Valencia.The guide shows 85 diferents points of interest located both in and next to the park, with images of most of the sculptures, fountains, monuments and architectural elements with a brief explanation in Valencian, Spanish and English.Download the PDF guide here

The safest places to live in 2021

The debate has been in the spotlight for a long time: how to assess the quality of life in a city? This is the dilemma that the Ranking is trying to solve: classifying the healthiest cities of the world with an index based on six clear magnitudes:Obesity levels Lifespan The cost of health care Pollution levels Public security Hours of sunThe combination of these criteria has given a clear result: Spain is the winner. Thanks to a free access of health care, the [...]