Author - Laurence Lemoine

After the bike-sharing, the car-sharing

In Valencia, fans of the sharing economy can rejoice ... After the installation, a few months ago of several thousand electric motorcycles (billed by the minute, all managed by a smart phone application), there are now electric cars that will be at your disposal ... Again, it is billed, priced by the minute and is done through a smartphone application. It is a Valencian company, 100% Spanish, which is the first to finally sign an agreement with the town [...]

years ago, when Valencia decided to create a beautiful garden instead of a motorway…

Once upon a time there was a horrible motorway project that could have existed in Valencia, but thanks to good fairies, the projet  was finally abandoned. Instead, was born an iconic park, the famous "Jardine del Turia", this beautiful "green flow" that has become the lungs of the third largest city in Spain and that everyone envies.The tale of the  “Jardin del Turia” is a tale that starts badly, but ends well!It began with a river that regularly overflowed [...]

Guiri : the story of a special word

(EL PAIS) Today the word guiri is commonly used in Spain to describe a foreign tourist who struggles to understand the local culture. But the word has many meanings. This particular definition of guiri came about thanks to a man named Gary Bedell. Bedell was born in Canada in 1954 and learned Spanish at a young age. He joined Canada’s diplomatic service in 1988, and in 1992, he oversaw the Canadian pavilion at the Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo '92) [...]

Decathlon settles in the heart of Valencia

Like brands such as Carrefour that become Carrefour City, the French sports equipment company Décathlon is adjusting its geographical position and increasingly choosing the heart of city centers; this is the case in Valencia, with the opening of a surface of 420 m2 planned   soon, it will be located at number 15 of Calle Jorge Juan, this space, for the last few years  was occupied by Zara Home. Until then, the distributor only had one store in Valencia, but [...]

The battle against vacation rentals spreads beyond Madrid

Barcelona, Valencia and Palma have also approved regulations to curb the rapid growth in the supply of unlicensed short-stay tourist accommodation. The web of legislation surrounding short-term vacation rentals in Spain keeps growing: the city of Madrid has just approved new regulations to curb a practice that has come under the spotlight in a country with record-breaking tourist numbers.With growing numbers of apartments now being used for short-term tourist accommodation, authorities are faced with the question of how to keep [...]

All you need to know about the Fallas

How can one describe the “Fallas” such unclassifiable, unique and unimaginable celebrations? Difficult indeed to depict multifaced festivities, rich in activities as varied as they are spectacular ... Because these great traditional festivals must be lived in situation to be able to  understand, at least partially, the meaning and to feel the dizziness of the atmosphere ... The sensations are complete, sight, sound, taste and odour .. art, religion, pyrotechnics, gastronomy and good humor are the components of this [...]

Arrancapins … Do you know?

Centric, but not over crowded, fashionable, but not (yet?) "Hipsterized" ... This is  Arrancapins, the urban area of Valencia that is moving up, up, and up ... Spotlight on this "barrio" that is beginning to attract attention, because when it comes to Ruzafa, Ensanche, Cabanuyal and Carmen they are not necessarily the most  popular when you are looking for a neighborhood  that is easygoing and not to hard on the budget, and the wheel keeps  turning ... Today, this district [...]

Private insurance soars in Spain following cuts to public healthcare

Insurers have attracted over one million new clients since 2013, and experts warn this could lead to a dual-speed system based on who can pay for quick assistanceGrowing numbers of people are taking out private health insurance in Spain. The figure has grown by over one million since 2013, after the government made cuts to public healthcare at the height of the economic crisis.Today, one in every five households has private health insurance, at an annual average cost of [...]

Fraud : Online property scams are getting more sophisticated, experts warn

Authorities in Spain ask would-be buyers and tenants to use common sense when faced with an offer that proposes early payment through uncontrolled channels  “Hi! Thanks for taking the time to look at my property. My name is Ana and I am the owner of the apartment. I am currently working in the UK. If you are interested and want to know more about renting it, get in touch and I will send the step-by-step procedure.”This is an extract from [...]

New flights from Valencia !

The beginning of the year starts with some good news for travelers looking for new direct flights from or to Valencia. The airport of Manises this year once again will be connected with 9 new destinations . Thus, thanks to the French company Volotea, the connection Valencia / Lyon will be assured as in 2016 and 2017, with the Transalvia company. From the 12th of April, Volotea will assure flights on Mondays and Fridays. Another french city that is [...]