Pass Installation to Valencia

Pass moving to Valencia

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  • Moving and relocating
  • Schooling and languages
  • Administrative registrations
  • Work
  • Hobbies

Before your arrival, we can help you identify your needs and start your relocation remotely. Search for your home, schools….etc , the list is long!
Our knowledge of Valencia will save you time and money! It s up to you to tell us what you expect from us! We will deliver.
Every expat is unique and with specific needs. An Erasmus student will not have the same requirements as a family of 3 schooled children or a single person looking for a job…
We can manage for you all the various and different administrative procedures and this according to your situation :

Moving and relocating:

– Organization of your move according to your country of origin.
– Searching and selecting housing that will suit you for rental or purchase, furnished or not.
– Registration to gas, telephone, internet, electricity, water…
– Housing insurance.
– Researching and selecting staff (housekeeper, babysitter, gardener, driver…)

Schooling and languages:

– Researching and selecting day care.
– Researching and selecting schools (Spanish, French, German, British or American school)
– Researching and selecting tutors and private teachers.

Administrative registrations:

– Residence Permit ( NIE : Foreign Identification number), Work permit, NIF ( Tax Identification number)

– Digital Nomal Visa 

– Non lucrative visa
– Empadronamiento ( registration at the town hall)
– Work Permit
– Visa application and visa extension
– Registration at the consulate
– Spanish Social security Registration
– Opening a bank account
– Private health insurance


– opening/ setting up a business.
– Search of commercial premises, offices or warehouses
– Declaring status of self employment, “Autonomo”.
– change of tax system


– Satellite TV installation
– Transportation and documentations for relocating your pets
– Registration at a golf club, paddle board, tennis, horse riding…


– Search for French/English/German speaking health professional (pediatrician, doctors, dentist, gynecologist, veterinary…)
– Looking for a plumber, painter, computer maintenance, personal shopper that speaks your language.
– Importing and registering your vehicle.
– Compliance with driving license

We have a premium package containing the 7 most important services (NIE, accommodation, administrative registration in town hall (empadronamiento), social security, private insurance, school registration, bank account opening)

A successful relocation involves a real social integration